Stylish Ways to Wear En Inde Jewellery


Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality – you may have heard this quote a thousand times and over and yet it has never lost its relevance since time immemorial.
You define yourself through your style and when you are thinking of adding oomph to your wardrobe and highlighting your fashion sense, nothing can beat the right pieces of jewellery.
But who knew amidst the raffish and garish market area of Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi, you can reinvent a house that integrates class and emotions to produce the perfect blend of contemporary jewellery – En Inde.
En Inde revives the age-old thread craft of patwa with the Indian subcontinent as the backdrop. Originating in Rajasthan, the word “Patwa” has been derived from the Hindi word “Pat” meaning silk.
Traditionally, this section of jewellery involved works of golden and silver threads. Parandi, nadas, pironas of necklace, tassels, payals and rakhis – all exemplified Patwa.
However, En Inde has resurrected this traditional art and almost given it a new form. The handcrafted pieces produced from the house of En Inde do not comprise of the flashy ornaments of pleasure of the bygone days made of gold and silver.
Instead En Inde has brought forth robust architectural pieces in steel and jute while retaining the feel of the ancient craft. These are allegorical, stand out with their symbolic representations, and force the onlooker to contemplate.
Here are some ways in which you can style up with this unique form of jewellery – the En Inde jewellery.

  • Go for an En Inde Casual Layered Necklaces for a Boho/Contemporary Look –


    The hippie chic style is well represented by the layered necklaces presented by En Inde. Most of them are made of the natural strands, steel as well as jute. In the early 2000s, the boho-chic style conquered the ramp-look and most of the precious jewelleries were created in this style. The multi-layers made of steel or jute in combination with the other materials such as thread, leather, sandle wood beads, usually make up these necklaces. The multi layered necklace can be donned with western wear and can be a great embellishment with the Indian wear, simultaneously. These are usually one-piece necklaces with the layers portraying different heights.

  • Wear an En Inde bold necklace and make a statement –


    The beautifully crafted, chic En Inde necklace is bound to stand out when you wear it. These necklaces are meant to add visual interest to what you are wearing and draw attention. So it is bound to up your look even when you are going out in a casual denimwear. Subtle or gaudy – with En Inde you can choose to be whatever you want.

  • Add Subtlety to Your Style with En Inde Monochromatic Statement Necklace –


    For a trendy yet classic look you can pair up the monochromatic statement necklaces from En Inde with any simpler outfit. There are many of us who love to keep the outfits flamboyant and lively all year round. The single-coloured necklaces therefore act as the perfect add-ons to the joyful outfits. Usually, the vintage-inspired neckpieces go very well with the bright colourful outfits. So pair those up for the ultimate cool statement.

  • Wear the En Inde Metallic Cuffs with Feminine Silhouettes –


    Stack up and mix and match your cuffs and bangles for a carefree bohemian look and don’t think twice to be bold. But that does not mean you can’t go for a subtle look. You can enhance your look with feminine and simple silhouettes as well. For looking like the perfect boho chic, it is essential that you stack up your wrists with layered bangles or multistrand cuffs from En Inde that define a style of their own. These can complement your hippie look and can also present a courageous contrast with your traditional outfits. So don’t fret to experiment with En Inde.

  • Mix and Match Your En Inde Statement Rings for the Ultimate Chic Look –

  • Just like the cuffs, don’t restrict yourself to wearing just one ring at a time. You can mix your statement piece with whatever you want starting from the complementary and dainty rings to the casual, contrasting and fun ones. You can even wear it with your wedding ring if you want. With En Inde jewellery you can just make your own style statement and be the head-turner wherever you go.

  • Hence there are a plethora of directions when it comes to En Inde’s magnificent jewellery designs that range from bold to subtle and everything in between. So unleash the diva in you with En Inde’s ground-breaking yet meticulous designs that you will love to flaunt daily and redefine your style.