Bracelet - Hiva

EN-B-07 Bracelet - Hiva
Sandalwood beads, Jute and Stainless Steel
COLLECTION: Thread Bracelets
"HIVA-OA the indigenous people of Marquesas Archipelago, French Polynesia, immortalised by photographer Jimmy Nelson. The tribes spectacular body art and their fiercely magnificent adornment-serving several purposes that are deeply significant to the human race. In its artistic expression lie the rich symbolism of courage, identity as well as materiality of social status of prestige and skill. The sandalwood beads pure and sacred in its nature balance the notion of this materialistic pursuits - known to stimulate the base Chakra, enhancing trust and self-identity. The smell and touch - rolling them in your fingers - remind you to stay connected to your inner being and carry you forward."
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